Remove Skin Tags on Face

Many people suffer from skin tags (medically known as acrochordons) growing on their face. Some tags develop on parts of the face where, although they’re generally considered to be somewhat unsightly, pose no discomfort or bother – such as on the cheek or under the chin. However, when skin tags develop around the eyes or on the eyelid, they can prove to be incredibly bothersome and awkward.
Skin tags are benign tumours which pose no danger to your health at all. For this reason, if your skin tags don’t hurt, they don’t catch on clothes or jewellery in everyday life and you’re not encumbered by their appearance, it’s recommended that you leave them alone. Skin tags rarely grow once they appear and they won’t get any worse if you leave them untreated.
However, if you are having problems with your skin tags, there are many ways you can remove them safely and efficiently. Many dermatologists would recommend that you pay to have them removed professionally in a skin tag removal clinic, but this isn’t really necessary – you can remove skin tags from your face safely in the comfort of your home.

Removing skin tags on face via a clinic

If you’d rather a professional take care of your skin tags for you, be prepared to pay a lot of money and spend a lot of time attending consultations before the removal treatment begins. There are several different ways dermatologists in skin tag removal clinics take care of skin tags.
The most common method is to simply take a sterilised blade or pair of scissors and slice the tag off. Since the stem which connects the tag to the body is so thin, this method is a lot less painful than it sounds. Medical professionals also remove skin tags via cryotherapy or cryosurgery (the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze off skin tags), the use of strong lasers and cauterising (burning the stem until the tag drops off). If your skin tag is located close to your eyes or on your eyelid, a dermatologist will most likely slice the tag off, since this is the safest method for sensitive parts of the body.

Removing skin tags on face with tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is widely considered to be one of the best natural methods for removing skin tags safely at home. This product is very easy to purchase from beauty stores, chemists and online and is relatively cheap. To remove skin tags successfully with removal oil, you need to have a lot of patience. It can take months of daily application before you see any positive results.
To remove a skin tag from your face with tea tree oil, pour some of the oil onto a cotton pad and dab it onto each skin tag, making sure you cover each one thoroughly. Do not rinse off. Repeat these actions once or twice each day and within a few months, your skin tags should darken and drop off. Tea tree oil is a mild product, but you need to use extreme caution when using it close to your eyes.

Removing skin tags on face with a freezing treatment

You don’t have to visit a skin tag removal clinic to have your skin frozen – you can buy treatments over-the-counter at your local pharmacy which you can use to freeze your skin tags off. This is a very popular removal method, since it’s relatively cheap and will get you results quickly. The only real disadvantage of this treatment is that there is a small amount of pain involved, but it will only feel uncomfortable when you’re applying the freezing solution. You can purchase freezing treatments over-the-counter from most pharmacies, but you’ll usually get a better price if you buy them online.
To remove a skin tag from your face with a freezing treatment, stand in front of the mirror so you’ve got a good view of the skin tag. Hold the nozzle of the device over the skin tag and press the button on top of the bottle for as long as instructed to by the directions. Repeat this step as indicated by the instructions and you’ll achieve successful results within a couple of weeks or months, depending on how large your skin tag is. Be very careful when using a skin tag removal freeze treatment anywhere near your eyes.

Removing skin tags on face with wart and mole remover

Although these products are designed to remove warts and moles, most are also very effective at removing skin tags from your face. The two products we recommend are Cuplex Gel and Wart & Mole Vanish – both of these products have proven to be just as effective at removing skin tags and they’re safe enough to use on your face.
You can easily buy most wart and mole removers online or over-the-counter from your local pharmacy for very reasonable prices. To make sure you’re buying a removal product which will also remove skin tags, it’s important to read the reviews online before you make a purchase to see if anyone has tried it on skin tags before. Alternatively, you can buy one of the products we’ve tried and recommend. Wart and mole removal treatments take a few weeks or months to work following daily applications.

Removing skin tags on face with a removal device

Getting rid of skin tags on the face with a skin tag removal device is one of the most popular methods because it’s so successful with almost everyone who tries it. Unlike oils and creams which need to be applied several times each day for the best results, you just need to use a skin tag removal device once to remove your tag. Skin tag removal devices can be purchased from some chemists, but they’re quite rare. For this reason, we recommend you purchase one online.
To remove a skin tag with a removal device, take one of the small plastic bands and push it onto the cone. Then use the cone to push the band over the tag. Make sure the band is as close to the healthy skin as possible and it is as tight as you can get it. The band will cut off the blood supply and over the course of a few days or weeks, the skin tag will dry up and drop off.

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