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Using a skin tag removal cream is one of the most popular ways of removing skin tags at home, since the treatment is cheap to buy over the counter or online, safe to use without the supervision of a medical professional and the instructions are easy to follow on your own.

To remove a skin tag with cream, simply take a small pea-sized amount of the skin tag removal cream and gently rub it onto the skin tag, either using your finger or the applicator provided. Repeat this application as often as indicated by the instructions and over time, you’ll see the skin tag weaken and eventually drop off.

Before you begin researching skin tag removal creams, you need to be 100% sure you’re dealing with a skin tag and not a wart or any other type of skin polyp. Treating a different skin condition as if it were a skin tag and attempting to remove it can be dangerous to your health, so make sure it’s definitely a skin tag before proceeding with removal.

How much does skin tag cream cost?

The cost of skin tag removal cream varies from brand to brand, but the most popular and effective creams cost between £13/$20 and £65/$100. As you can see, there is a huge variation in price and just because a product is more expensive, doesn’t mean it’s better or more likely to give you successful results. In order to avoid paying over the odds for an expensive skin tag removal cream, we recommend that you read our reviews to help you choose the right treatment for you and your skin tag.

Whilst purchasing a skin tag removal cream might not be as cheap as removing a skin tag with a pair of scissors or piece of dental floss, it is a much safer and more effective option overall.

What are the common ingredients in skin tag cream?

Many skin tag treatment creams are made from entirely natural ingredients with zero added chemicals. An essential oil extracted from Thuja Occidentalis is one of the most common natural products found in skin tag removal creams.

Thuja Occidentalis is a coniferous tree known as white cedar and is widely used to treat both respiratory & skin infections. Thuja Occidentalis is widely considered to be a homoeopathic remedy for all kinds of skin conditions, skin tags included. For more information please read WebMD

Other natural ingredients frequently found in skin removal creams include clove extract (for its antiseptic properties), witch hazel (to reduce inflammation), aloe vera (to decrease visible scarring) and tea tree oil which has been proven to remove skin tags by its use alone.

Are skin tag creams suitable for using at home?

Since skin tag treatment creams are so easy to use, they’re suitable for skin tag sufferers to apply at home without the need of booking doctors’ appointments or visiting medical specialists. As long as you follow the instructions exactly as indicated, skin tag removal creams are entirely safe to use on your own in the comfort of your own home at a time which suits you.

Can I buy skin tag cream over the counter?

Skin tag removal creams can be purchased over the counter from your local chemist without any prescription. Please read our recommended treatments below and if you can’t find the treatment at your local pharmacist or if you want a more competitive price, you can also purchase skin tag removal creams online.

Is skin tag cream suitable for small, medium and large skin tags?

Unlike skin tag removal devices which generally only work on medium-size skin tags, skin tag treatment creams are suitable to use on all sizes of skin tags. If you have a large skin tag – or many smaller ones – you might go through the skin tag removal cream a lot faster than the instructions on the box suggest, so make sure you buy enough to be able to carry out the treatment in full.

However, using a cream at home is not recommended if you have a very large or deep skin tag. If your skin tag is bigger than 1cm/0.5 inches, be advised that a skin tag removal device might be a better solution, you’ll achieve results much more quickly if you visit a private GP and have the skin tag surgically removed.

How long will skin tag cream take to work?

How long skin tag cream takes to work largely depends on your personal condition and your ability to remember to carry out every application without missing any in between. Larger skin tags take longer to remove than smaller ones and if you don’t remember to apply the skin tag removal cream as often as indicated, you’ll also find your skin tags take longer to remove than expected.

Most skin tag sufferers who use removal treatments exactly as instructed begin to see results within seven days of application. As long as the cream is continuously applied, most skin tags clear up within one month of use. However, not all skin tag treatment creams take this long to work – there are several brands on the market which can help you achieve results in a matter of days.

Do skin tags grow back after using skin tag cream?

As long as you follow the instructions and remove the skin tag entirely, it’s very unlikely that it will ever reappear. In the unusual case that a skin tag does grow in the same area as the one you removed, you can easily remove it once more by using the same cream that proved successful for you previously, or choose an alternative skin tag cream.

Unfortunately, removing a skin tag from one part of your body doesn’t decrease the likelihood of one growing on a different part of your body and the older you get, the more susceptible to skin tags your body becomes.

What are the side effects associated with using skin tag cream?

Negative side effects are rare. Some products can cause a tingling/burning sensation upon application, but this is only temporary and this feeling should never become unbearable or even uncomfortable. Since many creams use all-natural products, there is always the chance that you could be allergic to one of them, in which case your skin could develop a rash or feel itchy following application. If you skin does react in an usual way shortly after application, you should stop using the product immediately, thoroughly wash the area where the cream was applied and seek medical advice.

Is using skin tag cream painful?

Unlike other skin tag home removal methods – such as cutting off a skin tag with a sharp pair of scissors – removing a skin tag with cream should be entirely painless. Skin tag creams which take weeks or months to work are very mild and should cause a tingling sensation at most during application – they should never cause you any real pain. Please note more creams which claim to work in just a few days can create harsher sensations upon application which can feel uncomfortable for some users.

Does using skin tag cream cause scarring?

Most skin tag removal creams combine ingredients which encourage skin tags to fall off with natural ingredients to promote healthy skin that can prepare itself quickly and efficiently. It’s this combination of ingredients that means as long as you follow the instructions exactly, you’ll be left with little to no scarring once the skin tag falls off.

Please note that everyone’s body behaves to natural ingredients differently. So whilst some users might have perfectly clear skin underneath after skin tag removal, other users might see a hint of scar tissue. There is no way to tell how your body will deal with the possibility of scarring when using different creams, but your best way to keep scarring to a minimum is to follow the instructions of your skin tag removal cream exactly.

Is skin tag cream suitable to use on all body parts?

Not all skin tag removal creams can be used all over the body, some of them advise against the use near especially sensitive parts of the body, such as the anus and genital area, including labia, vulva, foreskin and scrotum aswell as the eyes. However, most skin tag treatment creams are safe to use in the most common places for skin tags to develop, such as the face, groin (away from the aforementioned sensitive genital areas), arms, armpit, back, neck, nipples, under breasts, chin, cheeks, ears, feet, fingers, inner thigh, jawline, stomach, shoulder and toes. Although it’s also common to develop skin tags around the eyes and on the eyelids, these are also very sensitive parts of the body, so reading the product application information is vital.

This information should only be used as a guideline. Before you use your skin tag removal cream, you must carefully read the instructions to ensure it’s suitable for the part of your body being affected by skin tags.

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Recommended skin tag creams

There are a selection of skin tag removal creams on the market today, each of which have varying results. One thing you need to keep in mind when purchasing a cream to ‘cure’ a skin tag is that everyone’s body reacts to this type of treatment differently and just because someone had a positive experience, doesn’t mean you will. Likewise, just because someone didn’t see any results at all doesn’t mean that the product in question won’t remove your skin tag completely. The most sure fire way to clear a skin tag is via a visit to your local clinic or a skin tag removal device.

Although it’s not specifically manufactured for skin tag removal, many people have had great success getting rid of skin tags with Cuplex Gel. For a fast and effective result after just one application, Wart & Mole Vanish is the best product currently available. However, the most popular and effective skin tag removal cream that we recommend is Revitol. This product has been proven to be effective in almost every case and contains only natural ingredients with no negative side effects at all.