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Using a skin tag removal device is such a popular at-home method because it’s one of the fastest ways to get rid of skin tags for good. Unlike skin tag removal creams and skin tag removal oils which contain natural ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in some people, skin tag removal devices contain no chemicals and are completely hypoallergenic, which means there is no way you can have an allergic reaction to them.
A skin tag removal kit provides you with everything you need to remove skin tags at home via ligation, the practice of making a ligature. Whilst it’s entirely possible to carry out ligation at home by tying a piece of dental floss or thread tightly around the skin tag, many people find this difficult to do. A skin tag removal kit takes all the hard work out of this by giving you a small plastic device which you can use to wrap small plastic bands around the bothersome skin tags in seconds. After the plastic band is in place, you don’t need to do anything except wait for the skin tag to die and drop off.

How much does a skin tag removal device cost?

Skin tag removal kits cost approximately £15/$23, making them cheaper than some of the other at home skin tag removal treatments. If you’ve got many skin tags or very small skin tags, you might have to pay for an additional refill pack of plastic bands which will cost around £10/$15.

Are skin tag removal devices suitable for using at home?

As long as you read the instructions carefully before use and follow them exactly, skin tag removal kits are a fast, easy and safe method of removing skin tags at home. Since skin tags occur more frequently as we age, treating skin tags at home with a skin tag removal device is much more convenient and cost effective than visiting a doctor’s surgery every time one appears.

Can I buy a skin tag removal device over the counter?

Whilst it is possible to buy skin tag removal kits over the counter from chemists without a doctor’s prescription, not all pharmacies stock them. Skin tag removal devices are much easier to find online and are usually cheaper when bought this way.

Are skin tag removal devices suitable for small, medium and large skin tags?

Skin tag removal kits are most successful when used on medium or large skin tags. They can also be an effective way of removing small skin tags, but only if you apply two small plastic bands instead of the recommended one plastic band. This is because one band is usually not tight enough to cut off the blood supply to small skin tags with thin stems. Unfortunately, skin tag removal devices are unsuitable for especially small and especially large skin tags, since the plastic bands can’t get a good grip on the base and cut off the circulation.
If you’re suffering from a very small skin tag, we recommend you look into alternative skin tag removal methods, such as skin tag removal creams, oils or freeze treatments. However, if you’ve got a very large skin tag which measures more than 1cm/0.5 inches in diameter, you’ll achieve quicker and more effective results if you consult a private GP about having it removed surgically.

How long will a skin tag removal device take to work?

Skin tag removal kits are one of the fastest ways of removing skin tags at home. Depending on the size of your skin tag, it should begin to change colour within 48 hours of applying a band – this is as a result of the blood supply being cut off – and should fall off completely within two weeks. Some people have even had successful results within just two days of using a skin tag removal device.

The key to removing your skin tag in the quickest way possible with a skin tag removal device is to read and follow the instructions carefully. If the plastic band is half way up the stem, in between the healthy skin on your body and the skin tag, your skin tag isn’t going to fall off. To remove the skin tag quickly and effectively, you need to make sure the plastic band is as close to your healthy skin as you can get it and that the band is sufficiently tight – even if it means adding a second band alongside the first.

Do skin tags grow back after using a skin tag removal device?

After you’ve removed a skin tag with a skin tag removal kit, it’s very unlikely that it will ever return. If a second skin tag does grow back in place of one you removed, you can easily remove it by using your skin tag device again. Alternatively, you can choose a new skin tag removal treatment and see if the results are longer-lasting.
It’s important to remember that removing a skin tag from one part of your body doesn’t lower the odds of a skin tag developing on a different part of your body. Additionally, as you get older, your body becomes more prone to skin tags. This is why having a skin tag removal treatment – such as a skin tag removal device – which doesn’t include any ingredients which could expire, is a fantastic solution for present and future skin tag removal.

What are the side effects associated with using a skin tag removal device?

Because there are no natural or chemical ingredients used in a skin tag removal kit, there is zero chance you’ll have an allergic reaction or suffer from any negative side effects.

Is using a skin tag removal device painful?

Skin tag removal kits claim to get rid of skin tags in an entirely pain-free way, but you are likely to feel some discomfort. Most users have felt small stinging or tingling sensations around the skin tag a couple of days after using a skin tag device. These small sensations only ever last for a couple of seconds at a time and they’re simply the result of the blood supply being cut off and your skin tag dying.

Does using a skin tag removal device cause scarring?

With a skin tag removal kit, scarring is kept to an absolute minimum. Most users see nothing but healthy, normal-coloured skin underneath after their skin tag has fallen off. However, some users have reported small patches of red skin underneath, immediately after their skin tags have fallen off, but this usually improves significantly within 2-3 weeks.
However, everyone’s body deals with skin tags and scarring in a different way. So just because some people have seen no scarring doesn’t mean you won’t. On the other hand, just because some people have developed small patches of red skin underneath doesn’t mean you will, either. There is no way of finding out how your body will react to using a skin tag device in advance, but following the instructions directly is the best way of keeping the possibility of scarring down to an absolute minimum.

Are skin tag removal devices suitable to use on all body parts?

With the exception of on the eyelid and around the eyes, skin tag removal devices can be used to remove skin tags on any part of the body. So if you’ve got a skin tag on your face, groin, arms, armpit, back, neck, under breasts, nipples, chin, cheeks, ears, feet, fingers, inner thigh, jawline, stomach, shoulders or toes, you will be able to safely and effectively remove it with a skin tag removal kit.

Because they contain no chemicals or natural products which could negatively affect sensitive parts of the body, you can even use a skin tag removal device to get rid of skin tags on the most delicate parts of the body, including the anus, labia, vulva, foreskin and scrotum.
This information should only be used as a rough guide. Before you remove your skin tag with any kind of skin tag removal kit, it’s important to read the instructions thoroughly so you can determine whether the product is suitable to remove your skin tag first.

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TagBand is the best skin tag removal kit to buy – it’s cheap, it’s easy to use and people have had a huge success removing skin tags from all over their bodies with it. Tagcone is a great alternative. This skin tag removal device claims to be the world’s first effective DIY skin tag removal device and works just as well as TagBand.