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There are several different skin tag removal oils available to buy today, most of which are made from 100% natural ingredients. This method of removing skin tags is very popular, since it doesn’t use any harmful ingredients and is the least likely to cause allergic reactions, scarring or discomfort during application. However, the major downside to using skin tag removal oil is that it takes considerably longer to achieve results, compared to other skin tag removal methods.

Skin tag removal oil is very easy to apply. Most products include a small pipette or brush which you use to obtain a dose of the oil and apply it directly onto the skin tag. Alternatively, if your skin tag removal product doesn’t come with a pipette or brush, you can pour a small amount of the oil onto a cotton ball and dab it directly onto the skin tag. After applying the oil 1-3 times each day, the skin tag should dry up and fall off within two months.

How much does skin tag removal oil cost?

Skin tag removal oils vary widely in price. A small bottle of pure tea tree oil will cost around £5/$8, whilst a one-month supply of branded skin tag removal oil will cost approximately £25/$37. Whichever skin tag removal oil you choose, you’ll pay a lot less by treating your skin tags at home in this way than you would if you had them surgically removed by a doctor.

What are the common ingredients in skin tag removal oil?

The most common ingredient found in skin tag removal oil is tea tree oil – a natural oil extracted from the leaves of the tea tree. Almost all skin tag removal oils include this natural ingredient and although there are no scientific studies to confirm its effectiveness, many people have removed their skin tags entirely by using tea tree oil alone.
Thuja Occidentalis – the eponymous essential oil extracted from the white cedar coniferous tree – is another common natural ingredient found in skin tag removal oils, as well as in skin tag removal creams. This ingredient is thought of as being a homeopathic remedy for various types of unpleasant skin conditions, including skin tags.

Is skin tag removal oil suitable for using at home?

Just like using skin tag removal creams, using skin tag removal oil is a safe and effective way of removing skin tags at home. As long as you read the instructions carefully and follow them exactly, you should have no problems removing your skin tag in the comfort of your own home with skin tag removal oil.
It’s always advisable to keep medicine locked away out of reach of children and skin tag removal oil is no exception. Pure tea tree oil is incredibly toxic if ingested, so practise extreme caution when applying it to skin tags around your mouth and do not leave the bottle anywhere it could be mistaken for an edible product.

Can I buy skin tag removal oil over the counter?

The majority of skin tag removal oils can be purchased over the counter at your local chemist without the need of a doctor’s prescription. However, some brands of skin tag removal oil and tea tree oil can only be purchased online.

Is skin tag removal oil suitable for small, medium and large skin tags?

In the same way that skin tag removal creams can be used on skin tags of all sizes, skin tag removal oils can also be used to remove small, medium and large skin tags. One thing worth remembering is that if you have a large skin tag, you might need more skin tag removal oil to achieve successful results than the product instructions suggest. Equally, if you have several skin tags, you might use up more of the skin tag removal oil than you would expect. In order to achieve the best results possible, it’s important to always buy enough skin tag removal oil to ensure you can complete the skin tag removal treatment in full.
If you have an abnormally deep or large skin tag which measures more than 1cm/0.5 inches in diameter, it’s not advisable for you to remove it yourself at home. You’ll achieve successful results much faster if you visit a private doctor and arrange to have the skin tag removed surgically.

How long will skin tag removal oil take to work?

Unfortunately, removing skin tags with natural oils is one of the slowest methods of skin tag removal. Even with daily applications, skin tags can still take one or two months to fall off. If you accidentally miss some applications, this process can take even longer. If you apply the skin tag removal oil as often as the instructions suggest for two months and don’t see any results, you should look into an alternative skin tag removal method.
If you want to remove your skin tag in a quicker way, we recommend using a skin tag freeze removal treatment or a skin tag removal device. These skin tag removal methods yield successful results much more quickly.

Do skin tags grow back after using skin tag removal oil?

If you follow the instructions provided with your skin tag removal oil exactly and remove the skin tag entirely, it’s extremely unlikely that the skin tag will grow back. In the unlikely event that another skin tag does grow in its place, you can easily remove it by using the same treatment you used to remove the skin tag last time. Alternatively, you can choose a different skin tag removal treatment and see if the results are more permanent than with the previous method.
Note that removing a skin tag from one part of your body does not decrease the odds of a skin tag growing on another part of your body. What’s more, the older you get, the more likely your body is to suffer from skin tags. This means that after you get your first skin tag, more will probably follow.

What are the side effects associated with using skin tag removal oil?

Because most skin tag removal oils are made from natural ingredients, there is always a chance that you could be allergic to one of them. If you develop any redness or experience itchiness or soreness of the skin around the area where you applied the skin tag removal oil, you need to stop the skin tag removal treatment immediately and wash the affected area thoroughly.

Is using skin tag removal oil painful?

Unlike other methods of skin tag removal, such as products for freezing skin tags, which can cause some discomfort during application, using skin tag removal oil is 100% painless.

Does using skin tag removal oil cause scarring?

Thanks to the natural ingredients which encourage healthy skin, using skin tag removal oil is one of the best ways of avoiding subsequent scarring following the removal of a skin tag. Tea tree oil – an ingredient found in most skin tag removal oils – has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties which help keep the skin as clean and healthy as possible, so it can heal itself effectively, thereby reducing the possibility of scarring.
Despite this, everyone’s skin deals with scarring in a different way, which means that just because one person hasn’t suffered from any scarring as a result of using skin tag removal oil doesn’t mean that you won’t either. Likewise, even if other people have seen scarring after using skin tag removal oil, this doesn’t mean you will, too. There is no way of finding out in advance if you’ll develop scars after using skin tag removal oil, but the best way of keeping the possibility of scarring down to a minimum is to only use the product as directed on the packet.

Is skin tag removal oil suitable to use on all body parts?

Skin tag removal oil should only be used on external, non-sensitive parts of the body. This means you can safely use it to treat skin tags on your face, groin (not genital areas), arms, armpit, back, neck, under breasts, nipples, chin, cheeks, ears, feet, fingers, inner thigh, jawline, stomach, shoulder and toes.
If your skin tag is located on a more sensitive part of your body, such as the anus, labia, vulva, foreskin, scrotum, eyelid or around the eyes, using skin tag removal oil isn’t a recommended option. To remove a skin tag from one of these sensitive parts of the body, it’s advisable to use a skin tag removal device instead.
The above information should only be used as a guideline. Before you begin treating your skin tag with any kind of skin tag removal oil, it’s important to read the instructions carefully to determine whether the product is suitable for removing your skin tag before you apply it.

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Applying pure tea tree oil three times each day for up to two months is the most natural way of removing skin tags. However, since there are no scientific studies promoting the effectiveness of tea tree oil in removing skin tags, it might not be the most effective method. Tag Away and DermaTag, on the other hand, have resulted in many success stories from people who have used these skin tag removal oils to remove unwanted skin tags from all over their bodies.